Lucky Superstitions Across Asia

Lucky superstitions
“It’s for good luck!” You often hear that when somebody is doing a peculiar practice said to incite good fortune and blessing son themselves or the household. There are many types of practices out there in the world, with each country having several or more. They are usually derived from old stories in the culture’s past or from old rituals given a much more modern form.
Here are a few of these practices and the places where they originated from:
Sweep Dirt Away from Front Door- China
In China, there’s a belief that all good luck comes into a home from the front door. During the new year, with the annual house cleaning event, Chinese citizens avoid sweeping dust towards the home's entrance to keep all of that good luck inside.
Surrogate Penis Charms- Thailand
You might scoff at this idea, but Thai boys and men would wear charms shaped like male genitals to attract good luck. Called palad khik, these 2 inch charms are said to lessen the potential injuries for the wearer. Multiple charms can also help with luck in romances, fighting and even gambling.
Rub Incense on Aching Body Parts- Japan
In the Sensoji Temple of East Tokyo, there exists a large incense burner where people who have aches and pains visit. There is a belief that the ashes left over from the fragrant sticks are blessed with healing powers and will proceed to rub it against their aching or broken body parts.
A Brown Butterfly Means Money- Philippines
While some butterflies can “carry the soul of a loved one” or “represent the beauty of nature”, brown butterflies in the Philippines are known to signify that money will come soon to the household it visits. If it lands on you, it means great luck will come to you.
Dreaming of Pigs- Korea
For Koreans, pig-dreams are a double-edged omen of good luck. If you dream of pigs entering your house, wealth and good fortune will come to your home. If a pig is caught by you or willingly runs into your arms, that good luck and fortune is multiplied further. But watch out for dreams about pigs escaping from your home. This may mean you’ll be losing some money or luck sometime soon.
Which superstition do you find strange? Do any of your local superstitions compare? Whether you believe in them or not, each superstition has a story behind it and it can be fun to look into them and piece the stories together. Who knows, maybe a few of these superstitions will bring you good fortune someday in the future.

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