Tips for Long Distance Motor Trips

Motorcycle Man Trip
Long-distance motorcycle trips can be likened to a symbol of freedom: A lone cycle revving at high speed across mile of open road, the driver exposed to the wind and elements of the outside world. It’s an exciting and adventurous prospect, to be sure.
But just winging a long trip on a bike can be a bad idea! A lot of preparation goes into a successful journey, and we’ve got just the list to help you out:
Driver Fuel
The motorcycle isn’t the only thing that needs fuel for this adventure to keep going. Water and some snacks filled with sugar and carbohydrates are essential for the driver to stay focused and keep going as well. Pack water to keep hydrated on the go and compact snacks like peanut packs or M&M’s to keep pumped. Always stop now and then for a snack and water break if you can.
Walk-in Dining
When motorcycle riding on the road, it pays to give your bike a bit of rest to save money on fuel and to give the motor some time to cool down. You can’t always be tearing up the road all the time. Pick hotels with nearby amenities (convenience stores, restaurants) so you can walk to them instead of driving around your bike all night.
Equip Your Bike
Having a windshield or a small bag/container attached to your motorcycle may seem like a funny idea to the average rider, but to long distance travelers, they can make all the difference. Windshields help block oncoming wind which may damage your ears and facial skin overtime while the extra storage space is welcome for all your extra packables. If you
Morning Motor Check-ups
Your motorcycle is to you what a ship is for a captain. It is your partner on the road and essentially your means of starting and completing your journey. As such, regularly check it before your travels every morning to ensure it is working in tip top shape and that it won't break down in the middle of your journey. Mid-travel bike problems can be very troublesome and may eve force you to cancel the trip altogether!
Prepare Always
Preparation is key when traveling on a motorcycle, solo or with a partner. The road is a long and unpredictable terrain and being ready for any situation is essential to the completion of your journey. From cellphones to make emergency calls from to medical kits for any scrapes or bruises you gain through the adventure, it always pays to expect the unexpected. And there you have it, a list of things you need to be mindful of when traveling by cycle. Motorcycle trips are definitely adventurous and filled with powerful feelings of freedom, but it takes a lot of mindfulness and preparedness to make it work.
So if you're a motor enthusiast who has an unfulfilled wanderlust inside of them, plan a road trip and see the world from behind your shades instead of behind a car visor or an airplane window. Rev up your engines and follow the road t new opportunities!

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