Travel Review: The Golden Phoenix Hotel - Manila

By Martin Jason L. Ita-as

The Golden Phoenix Hotel is one of the more modern, city-based hotels within the Pasay area of Manila, Philippines. Recognizable by its glassy exterior dotted with bits of yellow, this shiny accommodation has been well received by many guests and tourists. I look into the property to see what’s worth checking out during your stay.

First Impressions

My initial reaction upon entering the main lobby of the building was that it was very clean and spacious, fitting to the large size of the accommodation on the outside. There was a small line waiting for us at the check-in and check-out counter, but the employees at the desk were very friendly and quick to address the individual customer groups.
hotel lobby
hotel keycard
The inside of the building is similar and, if anything else, more elegant-looking to the facade, with many of the color accents, mostly subdued colors like dark brown and cream, giving the entire building a very rich, earthy vibe. The shiny decorations and chandeliers definitely gave the space a touch of class. Instead of stairs, a convenient escalator was available for guests to ascend up to the next levels.


When in comes to guests relaxation, the hotel's guest rooms surely don't disappoint. Designed with a touch of class mixed with contemporary, guests are sure to expect utmost comfort during their stay. Those staying for business or leisure are promised with the the modern conveniences that both business and leisure guests would enjoy.
guest room
guest room
guest room
guest room
guest room amenities

A Little Bit of Everything

Golden Phoenix is definitely has a lot of what a visitor can expect from a top-quality hotel. The rooms mirror the colors of the hotel, very subdued coloring with a simplistic settings, making me feel very relaxed and at home while the small splashes of color really brightened the area.
For exercise buffs, a well stocked gym with bright lighting and a mirror wall make this a great place to work out. If you’ve got an itching for shopping or just a nice walk by the water, The SM Mall of Asia and Manila Bay are just a small distance away.
As for lounging around, there’s a sizeable pool in one of the open rooftop areas. Take a cool dip when you want to cool off on a hot summer day or just lounge around the area if you don’t feel like cooping up in your room. When you’re done, you can head over to the buffet area on the second floor to dine on some tasty meals and drool-worthy desserts. If you’re planning to liven up an event or birthday, there are galleries and rooms you can deck out and celebrate in.


If you’re planning to stay within an urban setting during your trip to Manila, Golden Phoenix is definitely a great choice. From its friendly services to the many amazing hotel features available to you, you’re sure to fully enjoy the moments you spend here.