DIY Travel Kit Ideas

It pays to always be prepared when it comes to travel, but with limited bag spaces and baggage weight limits it can be hard to carry all you need. That’s where compact kits come in, tiny bags where you can store smaller version of the things you need. Here are a few ideas for tiny kits you can take with you in case you need them during your journey:
first aid kit

First Aid Pack

The basic travel kit that many travelers agree you should never leave home without. The basic principle for items that should be inside a first aid kit should include items that can be used to clean, treat, then dress a wound or injury. A small bottle of disinfectant, a tiny packet of band-aids, some gauze with medical tape, and a tiny container of alcohol should be enough to treat any injuries you may sustain during your journeys.
personal hygiene kit

Cleanliness Kit

It pays to keep yourself looking clean and tidy during your adventures, especially if you’re going to be going between nature treks and city travels. Some wet wipes can keep you feeling fresh and looking clean with a quick wipe while cotton buds in a small plastic bag have multiple purposes. A small nail cutter can keep your toes and fingers looking trim while tweezing implements can help take care of stray eyebrows or pull out painful splinters. Don’t forget a small bottle of mouthwash to keep that mouth and smile looking fresh and clean.
emergency kit

Emergency Travel kit

When you lose your wallet during your adventures or your house keys upon returning home, it can be a devastating blow to any traveler. But you can avoid these tiny mishaps by having an emergency travel kit in your travel luggage at all times. Keep some emergency funds and a copy of your house key in there. Also, keep a small folded copy of your credentials and photocopied ID prints. If you have any specific medications or prescriptions, you’ll do well to keep copies of those on hand in case you need some help getting the correct medications.
travel sewing kit

Clothes Patching Kits

If you’re a DIY kind of person or somebody who just really likes taking care of their clothes, this is the kit for you. This can be especially useful when you’re going to a fancy party where a tiny rip in your dress or shirt can be an embarrassing thing. You’ll need a small collection of needles, a small roll of black or white thread, and some tiny scissors (foldable, if possible). You can also opt to bring tiny buttons or small patches that can help mend dress shirts or even cloth bags.
souvenir kit

Souvenir Savvy Kits

For souvenir or keepsake-obsessed travelers, this kit may be a boon in any situation. Always have an extra SD card at hand in case you can’t control your itchy shutter finger. A foldable eco-friendly bag is perfect in case you have a small bag worth of snacks and souvenirs to bring back home. Lens cleaning cloths, a small envelope to keep tickets and brochures for scrapbooking, and a pocket-sized diary also have a place in this small bag.
Don’t just stick to these suggestions! Customize your bag depending on the kinds of travels you’ll be going to. Just remember to keep everything compact and easy to carry to make travels a breeze and less of a chore.

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