Global News: Bamboo Bike Production, Top Cycling Cities, and more!

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Keeping Airplane Air Vents Open

Worried about getting sick from a fellow passenger while flying in the air? Officials say that the airplane vents are your best chance of keeping those germs at bay. It buffets you with filtered air while the vents also assist by sucking up and filtering said microbes. While there has been a lot of debate about whether this is truly helpful or not, it doesn’t hurt to give you and your companions a little extra health protection while in the air.
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Top Global Cycling Cities

Eco-travels are so in these days that instead of touring on hop-off hop-on buses, some destinations promote cycling around places instead. Bike rentals that are usually offered to groups or solo (which comes with guide maps) travelers. Not only does it promote environment-friendly activities, it also encourages active and healthy lifestyle. If you’re a health and lifestyle buff, nature lover, and green advocate, this list of bicycle-friendly cities in different countries like Japan or the Netherlands is sure to give you an amazing time on your visit.

"Bambikes" Encourage Eco-friendly Travels

Another effort in advocating a greener approach to traveling is the birth of bambikes. Bikes are basically created out of bamboos by locals of Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines, a community development organization for the poor who aims to end poverty. This socio-ecological enterprise hits two birds with one stone: (1) deliver social growth, where jobs provide the locals livelihood, and (2) promotes environmental practice through sustainable efforts.
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Commuters Defend Filipino Couple from Racist Passenger

Your personal peeves do not justify your racist comments, a passenger found out when her fellow skytrain riders called her out on her disrespectful comments towards and old Filipino couple. The dispute started when she commented that the pair were talking too loudly, to which they apologized and claimed that it was a regular thing to talk loudly where they were from. Luckily, the people around them were understanding enough to defend both of them and tell the woman that she was in the wrong.