Global News: Lego-DOT Partnership, Spain's Unique Architecture, and more!


5 places where people live the longest

Looking for the secret of longevity? We can’t direct you to an elixir that will set you back a couple of years, but we can show you some of the most amazing and exotic locations whose people live longer than most! Whether it’s the because of healthy local delicacies or the clean atmosphere of the land, you’ll definitely improve your health if you move over to these countries.
architecture in valenica, spain

The Curiously Unique Architecture of Valencia, Spain

Some people call it eccentric. Other’s call it art. No matter what your opinions of Valencia’s architectures are, these buildings are sure to catch your eye. While this Spanish city may be host to some stylish structures, some of them are just too special to overlook completely. We take a look at some of these said structures and see why they’re definitely worth checking out.

Lego promotes Philippines’ Intramuros

Twelve schools compete for the top prize where they creatively showcase the historic walled city of Intramuros through scale model designs using Lego bricks at the iMake History Fortress Architecture Competition. Is your alma mater a participant? Find out and support and promote local tourism, history, and education!

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