Global News: PAL flights to Auckland, Phnom Penh Rising, and more!

auckland skyline

Flying direct Manila to Auckland, SOON

From its current Manila-Cairns-Auckland route, Philippine Airlines will soon operate on direct flights to the capital city of New Zealand, Auckland. By the first week of December, the 10-hour flight will fly direct thrice a week on Philippine Airlines' 254-seater A340, carrying 60% more passengers to the said destination.
phnom penh

Phnom Penh on the rise

With Cambodia's dark history of the brutal genocide back in the late 1970's Phnom Penh has become a usually-avoided destination. However with the capital city's current modernization in the hospitality industry, it has now become a top choice of stopover among travelers. While the country's leading attraction - the Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reap made popular in the movie Tomb Raider is major draw among travelers, Phnom Penh is slowly rising as a destination where a fusion of the present and past thrives interestingly.

Wander like a local in Amsterdam

One cannot help but fall in love with the charms of Europe. However one of the most underrated destinations, Amsterdam makes for a great break from the this continent's primarily romantic vibe. More than being a popular filming set, the interesting blend of its culture and history and the many leisurely options around will surely get you hooked to Netherland's capital. Make every turn at every corner in Amsterdam a new and memorable experience.
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