Global News: Switzerland's New Bridge, Top Asian Cities, and more!

Asia's Must-See Cities
So many amazing countries in Asia worth visiting, yet so little time. It can be a really big decision to make when deciding on where to go to for a holiday. Trim down your options or create a well-thought-out itinerary should you decide country-hopping by checking out what are the world’s best cities in Asia. Plan your Asian adventures now!
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Suspend Your Disbelief
After 10 weeks of construction, Switzerland welcomes tourists to its 1,620 ft suspension bridge. From the bridge, travelers can look forward to a stunning view however crossing it could definitely be a challenge to those who have fear of heights or the faint-hearted. The steel-bridge, which hangs 278 feet above the ground, connects Zermatt and Grachen, one of the country's popular hikes. Being a part of the Europaweg trail, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and nature photographers will surely want to visit. Therefore, the question is: Would you cross Switzerland's newest 1,620 ft suspension bridge or simply sign up for a tour across Europe’s awe-inspiring destinations?

Eco-friendly Philippine Adventures
With an increased interest in travel these days, the tourism industry is bigger than ever before. But the increase in interest leads to bigger crowds and even bigger, environmentally damaging actions by said visitors. With the combined efforts of eco-conservation group WWF and retail giant SSI Group Inc., the Green Wanderer Travel Fair was started, helping promote self-sustainable tourism packages to increase awareness about nature and hold activities like coastal cleanup and more.