Mango Beat: 4 Health Benefits of Travel

by Rieh Argel
originally published on

health benefits of traveling
Traveling is a necessity. More than the fun and experience it brings, exploring new places offers a variety of health benefits. Here are just some of them:
It combats stress
We all know that chronic stress can lead to a lot of health issues and rarely do some of us consider traveling as the remedy. Scientifically speaking, travel could be an effective stress buster. Going out helps people to loosen up, and even a day or two of vacation can make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Just make sure to leave your problems at home. If you think travel expenses will cost you a lot, remember that going out does not always have to be grand and luxurious. A budget getaway can prove to be effective, and planning is the key.
It helps build better mental health
Traveling boosts mental health as you learn new things and discover history, culture and new places. It helps stimulate the thinking process and harnesses your map skills and ability. In a simpler context, it works out your brain. Apart from improving your memory traveling, in general, improves your overall mental state. It facilitates the flow of positive thoughts and enables you to breathe in fresh air. A study also found that people who travel tend to be more open and emotionally stable. Read more.

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