Taiwan Guide to Manners

Wonder how you should act while visiting the exciting land of Taiwan? Asian countries are often very particular about their customs and practices so it can be worrying when you accidentally make a mistake that may offend the people.
To remedy that, we made a quick guide for travelers to observe the small nuances that will show what a responsible and considerate traveler you can be while exploring the Asian destination.
The first thing to note is the people themselves. The Taiwanese are very work and family-oriented and have deep qualms about respect. Loud and showy behavior is looked down on. For first meetings with people, a slight nod or a short bow is required. Handshakes, while still practiced, is only done between males who are friends.
For bodily contact, you must not touch people on the crown of the head, especially to infants. Affection between couples or lovers is also something that must not be expressed in public. Do not wink, put your arms around another person’s shoulder or point with your index finger. These are all considered rude gestures there and must be avoided.
When dining with the locals, always be on time. When using chopsticks, put them flat and beside one another on the table or on a chopstick rest if provided. When you receive a gift, accept it with both hands and avoid opening it in front of the giver. It should also be noted also that the gift wrapping should be neat and pleasant looking as they are very particular about this.
With these little rules in mind, you’re ready to take on Taiwan in a way that is respectable to the local culture. Make a list of all these little rules and you’re sure to enjoy your stay without any awkward social mishaps.

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