That's So Pinoy: Being A Hero

This 28th of August, Filipinos will honor the national heroes of the country. From the famous Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio to the unknown and untaught ones.
What makes someone a hero? What are the qualifications? It may be the sacrifices of one's own life for the country, yes. Sometimes it's forgetting about one's own well-being for the sake of his/her family. We can also consider those who return a huge amount of cash to its rightful owner, defeating the temptation of stealing.
Unlike the fictional characters like Superman, the Avengers, and Wonder Woman, we don't need to have super powers and wear fancy costumes to be called "heroes". We can be one, without having a squad. We don't even need to go to a war zone and let someone kill us.
We only need to learn how to love.
If we will take a look around us, we will see opportunities after opportunities to extend our love to others. It's kind of amusing that a video where a person displays an act of kindness to another gets viral when it should be the most common thing in this world. But because these kinds of act are so rare these days, it makes people feel so foreign about it. And when the virality is over, we tend to forget how to apply it in our own life encounters.
We don't have to wait for huge unfortunate events to happen like the Marawi siege, bombings, earthquakes, typhoons and natural disasters for us to help others. We can help others in our own little ways. It might not bring us to local news and we might missed the chance to be publicized for what we have done but who cares? It's the little things that bring genuineness to it. Besides, what's important is not the handshakes and nods of the public but the smiles and sincere gratitude of those we shared our love with. For sure, it will bring a change. It might not be big, but sure there will be.
To everyone who took heart and acted boldly about their love, may it be for the country, for the family, for animals, and all the living things, YOU ARE A HERO. The time, effort, energy and thought you have spent and shared were not wasted. That single act changed the course of life and made the world a better place. And for that, we salute you.