The Icons of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful portion of the great European continent that has lush fields and fresh air. Like most of the countries under this portion of the globe, they become synonymous with many iconic items and sights. Much like how Paris becomes known for the Eiffel Tower and croissants or how Italy is known for pasta and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Netherlands is host to many iconic items and structures


The image of a giant four-sailed propeller attached to a tall building in an open countryside has always been linked to the Netherlands. But have you ever wondered why that is the case? Well aside from crushing wheat into flour along, these large structures were also used to drain water from low lying lands and make space for farmlands.


The Dutch are crazy about the colorful bulb flowers that are known as Tulips.. Travelers from all over the world fly to the beautiful gardens in the region just to see these vibrant blooms. But the simple tulip was not always a Dutch commodity. There are early accounts stating that the Tulip originated as a wildflower in Central Asia during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.


These wooden shoes may be humorous or even a little silly to some people, but these pairs of arboreal footwear have a place in Dutch history. Due to the wet and cold climates of the country, wooden shoes were a much-needed boon to the people during the old days. Able to keep dry under soggy situations, light enough to easily carry, and breathable for the feet, these shoes were the height of form and function back then.


Because the fertile farmlands of the Netherlands are perfect for raising dairy-producing livestock, it’s only natural that dairy by-products are top quality as well. The cheese market is a very big thing in the country and the Dutch pride themselves in having the most delicious rolls, slices and wheels of the yellow stuff.

Van Gogh

As one of the most influential and famous of Dutch artists to exist, Van Gogh’s works will forever be revered by his home country. He’s so renowned that they built an entire museum dedicated to him. From fantastical works like Starry Night to his more subtle pieces like Sunflowers, he is definitely one painter to be remembered.
Come visit the Netherlands for yourself and check out these iconic items. Once you experience the real thing, you’ll definitely see why they’ve become synonymous with the land and culture of the country.

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