Travel Review: Misibis Bay Resort

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With jewel-blue oceans and an exciting tropical atmosphere, Misibis Bay is definitely the place to be when you want to escape from it all. A popular wedding destination with a great beach area and access to mountain activities and destinations, there’s so much to do there. But what can one expect from a visit in this relaxing resort scene in Legazpi? We walk you through it with this quick travel review of both the property and the surroundings.
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Tropical Living
From the inner villas houses to the latest Southern Building, there are rooms to relax in all at the resort, ready to receive as many guests from any type of background. The brand new mid-rise structure located at the far-end side of the resort offers a commanding view of the vast Pacific ocean. With cool shades of blues amidst the white interiors, the room exudes a playful yet relaxing vibe. Another new and interesting feature is the earth-toned curtains which conveniently divides the bathroom area and the actual bedroom.
The villas provide a little more privacy, being a limited number of rooms in a small house-like structure. It’s perfect for people who do not want to run into too many people, but it’s little ways off from a few of the facilities. The newer building is quite the opposite, with many rooms bunched together in one area. You’re sure to bump into a few people here and there especially on the busier days. The upside is that you’re closer to where all the action is: the beach and several of the resort facilities, like the restaurant.
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The Best of Buffet
Getting a little hungry after all that adventuring? A variety of dishes originating from many different countries awaits your next meal time at Misibis Bay.
The all-day dining Spice Market is a culinary paradise which promises guests a delightful surprise from breakfast to lunch till dinner and even delightful snacks. On days where there’s high occupancy, expect an interestingly wide selection of international or local buffet. But of course, where you get a taste of the authentic Bicolano dining experience but in a place who knows the culinary best!
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misibis bay resort
Land and Sea Adventures
As said in the intro, Misibis is full of all kinds of fun activities on both the water and on the soil. A variety of watersports can be tested out and learned with the helpful instructors at the activity area. From slow activities like stand-up paddle boarding to extreme challenges like water skiing. For the land activities, an interesting glimpse at nature and architecture can be found in a relaxing eco-tour of the surrounding areas and facilities. If you’re looking to tear up the road during your stay, a drive through some of the rougher terrains to catch some of the surrounding sights.
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Even with its sleepy and relaxing atmosphere, there are definitely many kinds of activities you can indulge in to keep the boredom away. The rooms are spectacularly spaced and well kept so you don’t feel cramped or tired of staying in. The buffet food is delicious and has such a wide variety that you won’t have to eat the same dish twice in a row. Overall, I’d say this is a destination worth escaping to if you feel like you’ve had enough of the busy city scene for a little while.

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