Travel Review: Salcedo Market

Weekend markets are great places to indulge in some fun and, often, organic purchases, from accessories made out of local stones or chemical-free veggies that are grown carefully by hand.
salcedo-shoppers salcedo-stall
In a big place like Manila, markets like these pop up everywhere. But the Saturday Salcedo Market is something else entirely. From toys to plants and vegetables, to foreign dishes you may not have even heard of, there’s definitely a lot of variety when it comes to the shops and even the people who are mulling around.

Feasting Foreign

As I mentioned before, there are a variety of different stalls that sell all kinds of delicious treats hailing from other countries. From European pierogis to delicious Indian curry, there’s no telling what kind of delicious global foods will be available on which Saturday. It definitely is a treat to have so many new and well-made choices for your Saturday brunch meal.

Lean, Mean, and Green

If you want the most vibrant of blooms or the thickest of cacti, then you’re welcome to check out the floral sections and plant stalls in the market to find a eco-friendly photosynthesizer that fits your living style. Look around and you might see a large houseplant that will give your home the O2 it needs. Looking for low-maintenance green that can fit on your desk? Invest in an adorable succulent or cactus (they’re literally dotted all over the place). There are also beautiful bouquets to purchase that can make great event gifts or just make somebody feel special.
salcedo-pots salcedo-plants

A Little Variety

Aside from the food and flora, there are sometimes a few variety stores that carry house items or toys. You’ll find things like woven baskets, plastic toys, towels, tote bags, and the like. Sometimes you might even see specialized products like Chinese herbal medicines and Japanese paper products, but like the variety of food stalls, they change every Saturday. You might not find the same product again the next week so make sure you snatch up something that catches your eye or you might not see it again for a long while.


If you don’t have any big plans for the rest of the day, the Salcedo market is definitely worth a morning Saturday visit. Have a delicious brunch and take your time exploring the area further for fun snacks and products you might want. If you want to get away from the crowd, you can easily walk over to the nearby park area and just enjoy a little peace and quiet away from the busy roads and buildings.

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