10 Glamping Must-haves

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Glamping is one of the newest activities travelers are trying nowadays. Enjoying the outdoors with some of your modern comforts present to make the experience more relaxing is indeed interesting. And since it’s still camping, the glamour part doesn’t exactly mean having your luxury always available. Here are 10 things to consider will can make your glamping adventuremore easy and convenient:
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There’s a reason why it’s called glam camping - beddings and towels, are provided most of the time. However, including one in your must-haves is also a big help. Apart from having an extra for drying yourself off, it serves as an added layer of warmth when hanging outside on cold nights, works as a picnic/beach/camping mat, and a comfortable poncho (if you decide to cut a hole in the middle).


It could be hot or cold when hanging outside, and a jacket (that’s lightweight) can double as a coverup or added layer to keep you warm.


Glamping means enjoying most of the sun and it’s wise to keep your face protected from the harmful rays throughout your daytime adventures, even from the most chill of activity like fishing or going on a quick trek.


Having to wear your shoes every time you walk out of your tent can be quite a hassle. Slippers, even it’s a pair of flipflops or the outdoorsy type, makes moving around your camping grounds comfortable and easier. It is said that cold feet can make sleeping uneasy, therefore pack a pair of socks (thin ones can do however depending on your glamping season) that’ll help keep your feet warm.
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You never know what can happen, and bringing a small flashlight in your bag is always a smart move when going on an outdoor adventure. Glamping sites have their own ways of storing energy for the night, however, of course, with only limited and minimum power supply especially at night, it doesn’t hurt to have one for emergency purposes, right?


Though some glamping grounds are usually designed with rechargeable lanterns, using a match isn’t really a must. Although a box of matches (or a lighter) is a must-have on for adventures in the great outdoors, never forget to put out your bonfire before heading back to your site.

Water bottle

No matter what climate you’ll be in during on your glamping adventure, it is important to keep hydrated at all time. And even if it’s glam camping there isn’t exactly room service to ask for bottled water. So, having your own travel bottle with you helps a lot, and refilling won’t be a problem since glamping sites usually have water refilling areas.

Wipes/tissue paper

When there isn't enough water nearby to wash your hands or to simply relieve yourself from the sticky feeling, a pack of wet wipes will do the trick. Also, a travel size pack of napkin/facial tissue for whatever that needs immediate cleaning, when the weather starts to irritate your nose, and of course bathroom situations.
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Ziplock bags

Make sure to pack a few extra ziplock bags, because you never know when it could be a lifesaver. It works as a practical organizer ‘pouch’, food storage, a laundry bag (like a vacuum bag), and is an ideal (and practical) choice in keeping your things from getting wet. Yes, there are dry bags but if your glamping adventure doesn’t include too much of splash on the way, a ziplock works just fine.

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