2017 SEA Games Recap

2017 SEA Games
Kuala Lumpur was the selected stage for the 2017 SEA Games, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest annual sporting events. Countries from all over the region sent their best athletes, all in top physical condition and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.
The Philippines was part of this large roster of countries vying for the gold, ready to show what its athletes and people were made of. Many athletes, young, old, new, and returning alike, had trained hard to prepare for this day, and you could see from their performances that they truly deserved their spots in this huge celebration of good sportsmanship and the skills cultivated by these Southeast Asian regions. Some notable names that surfaced during the event included 20-year-old Micheal Christian Martinez, a prominent name in male Philippine figure skating who nabbed a silver medal, and 17-year-old Kaitlin De Guzman, who finally brought home a gold for the women's gymnastics division.
And how many medals did the Philippines come home with? Around 110 of them in total! Out of the 110, 57 were bronze, 30 were silver, and a whopping 23 were gold medals. A large portion of these awards (18 in total), came from the athletic track and field events.
From the Filipino’s favored sport of basketball to the awe-inspiring sight of the country’s gymnasts in action, each of the country’s individual athletes truly gave their all to earn their homeland recognition through these amazing physical achievements.
With so many medals won for the year 2017, the athletes of 2018 definitely have a big task set before them. But shiny awards aside, the true prize is showing the world that Filipinos are truly world-class in their own right.

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