6 Must-haves for Camp Cooking

must-have camp cooking
Camping is the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of the digitized, 24-hour cities we have these days. Communing with mother nature and enjoying her gifts can be a rewarding experience in of itself. But for campers who will be staying for more than a night, you’ll need to prepare a lot more than just a backpack of clothes and mosquito repellant. Pack yourself these important cooking tools for when you and your group want to dine heartily in the great outdoors.
knife and chopping board

Knife and Board

One of the more important tools in the set. Having a handy knife and chopping board is essential for cutting foods open and into smaller pieces to ensure bite-sized and flavorful morsels. The accompanying cutting board allows you to have an easy-to-clean surface for the job,

Lighters or Matches

A flame is a must for any proper camping site, whether for cooking, keeping warm, or keeping the animals of the night at bay. Packing both a lighter and a box of matches gives you options for when one or the other cannot be found.


Keep your dishes zesty and flavorful with some pinches of spice. Keep organized and store some of your favorite powders in a secure medicine organizers. Don’t forget to keep a small bottle, a non-fragile container of cooking oil with you if you plan to do some frying.

Reusable Dinnerware

While paper cups and plates may be an eco-friendly way to go about campfire dining, it can be just as messy as any disposable eating ware. Opt for non-breakable utensils and plates you can easily pack with you, instead. Make sure your campsite has a proper water source (either a river or even a faucet) for use of cleaning afterward.

Easy-to-wash Tablecloth

Whether it's to cover your table or to spread out in the grass, it's best to have a clean surface you can all lay your food and sit in. you never know how clean your surroundings will be upon arrival, so this definitely will help you find a place to eat with ease.
cooking ware

Cooking Ware

Cast iron items like pans, skillets, or pots are essential for the cooking camper, especially if you plan to do most everything over an open fire. Try to keep it as compact as possible to make room for all your other gear. Just cut up your food to make it easier to fit everything in the minuscule cookery.
People have often said that cooking in nature gives the food a little more flavor. The next time you decide to go on a big camping trip, go all out and prep a few meals you can cook and enjoy with your squad.

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