Asiana's All new A350!

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Being the pride of the Korean skies, Asiana Airlines has more than proven its worth as one of the world’s top international airlines.
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The company was established in the year 1988 and goes by the ideology “maximum safety and customer satisfaction”, an ideology that they persisted with for many years. The quality of their services, both on the land and air are nothing short of wonderful. Each flight is prepped and built around customer satisfaction, so you can always expect quality comfort from every trip on this trusty airline. With the addition of their new A350 Airbus line this year, Asiana is sure to serve its customers even better than before with new amenities, routes and schedules.

Explore the A350

With around 311 seats available, a length of 66.8 m, and a height of 17.04 m, Airbus model A350 is a class of its own when it comes to Korean flight machines This model is a medium-large sized aircraft launched in 2014 and is noted to be an eco-friendly
asiana economy smartium seats
asiana economy smartium seats

Travel Smart with Economy Smartium

Get only the best of premium travels even in economy class flights. Seats have an extra 4 inches of space to truly maximize the comfort for each individual seat row. This means a little more leeway for guests to stretch out and truly relax, even in if the plane is full. The extra space also makes sure guests in the front row do not bump or bother guests in the back and vice versa.
Other features include power outlets and USB ports for easy charging even while in the air, extra storage space in the overhead compartment to make sure each guest has space for their individual bags and other hand-carry items. Many other items, such as eye masks, slippers, and toiletries, are provided for flyers on US, European, and Oceana routes. Southeast Asian Flyers will get economy-class slippers during their travels.

Great Ground Services

Economy Smartium guests don’t just have an advantage in the air, either. Some awesome and convenient ground services are available as well. For those with long-haul flights (U.S., Europe, Oceania), a seat in Incheon’s Business Class lounge will be waiting to help you kick back and relax before your next . Prominent airports will also give passengers under this class priority during plane boarding. Now that’s well-rounded service, both in and out of the flight.
Overall, if you’re looking for top-tier services before and after your travels, there’s no other airline around Asia that delivers like Asiana does.

Operations in the US

OZ A350 began its daily flight operation from San Francisco (SFO) on August 14th.

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