Attraction Review: Chocolate Hills

When you talk about Bohol , you just can’t leave out a mention of one of its most iconic attractions ever: The enjoyable sight of the Chocolate Hills. These mysterious, earthy mounds are definitely synonymous to the region and its tourism, famous even among the multitude of Philippine landmarks. We tell you all about the experience to get Philippine travelers curious about it as well.
Chocolate Hills

An Eyeful at the Top

The area where visitors stop to view the chocolate hills is a fenced road in the middle of a natural clearing. Around the area, guests will find a small area for buying food and snacks along a bathroom area. The main viewing area is atop a flight of stairs reaching to e viewing deck at an amazing elevation.
If you’re a little out of shape or don’t have an active lifestyle, expect a few stops along the way while you catch your breath and wipe the sweat from your brow. This climb is no joke and can really take a lot out of you, so make sure you’ve got an ample supply of water to rehydrate at the top. When you reach the deck, I suggest you give yourself a few minutes to catch your breath and just find a place to sit and relax. Luckily, the wind up top is heavenly on a good day and will definitely feel like a small reward for your efforts. It’s definitely a great workout for your body, especially your legs, while breathing in the untainted air of the surroundings.
Chocolate Hills

Hills Sighted

The Chocolate Hills are definitely a curious and interesting sight when viewed from the high perch. Tiny mounds that stretch far and wide, it’s definitely a view to enjoy and record with a picture. Whether they’re a little green in the rainy season or brown during the summer, there’s definitely a charm to Bohol’s most famous attraction that makes the climb seem worth the effort. Once you’ve had your fill of photographs (take as much as you can!), take a leisurely climb down the steps which is delightfully easier than the initial ascent.
While it may seem a little short, first-time visitors just cannot miss the sight of the Chocolate Hills from such a high and refreshing point. The view from up above is definitely wondrous sight that you’ll remember for a long time. Even on a third or fourth visit, those round smooth-looking and mysteriously compact mounds of earth are definitely enjoyable to look at.

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