Attraction Review: Mayon Volcano

mayon volcano
Known for its beautifully shaped cone and status as an active volcano, the Mayon Volcano is definitely a Philippine attraction that is well known throughout the globe. But the question remains, is the attraction worth a visit while you’re in the Bicol Region?
mayon volcano

Weaving a Story

The Mayon Volcano actually has a folktale tied to its creation. It all begins when the chief’s daughter, a lovely maiden named Daragang Magayon, was to be married off to an arrogant chieftain named Pagtuga who sent lavish gifts to appease her father.
But Magayon already had her heart set on somebody else: the brave Pangaronon who saved her from drowning while she attempted to bathe in the Yawa River. Realizing their feelings were mutual, Pangoronon appealed to her father for her hand. Of course, Pagtuga would not stand for it and kidnapped her father as the ransom for her hand in marriage.
Magayon had no choice but to agree to his proposal in seven days, but Pangaronon prepared an army to fight a war for his bride. In the chaos, Magayon was shot by a stray arrow and Pangoronon pierced by a spear. The couple died in each other’s arms. It is said that the ground they were buried in rose up into a mountain, the eruptions a sign of their agitation towards the vile Pagtuga.
mayon volcano

The Volcano Today

Even after many years, the Mayon Volcano is still an amazing sight to behold. Sometimes it will be covered by a thick smoke or mist, other times it will be clear. Whatever the case, the figure of the landform is a striking and smooth cone.
But it's not only the smoky, slanting cone that commands attention. The area around the volcano itself is an amazing open area of the country surrounded by vegetation, clean air and more. It’s a great place to stretch in while drinking in the majestic view of the sky along with the imposing silhouette of the great mount.
The Mayon Volcano is definitely a must-see while visiting Bicol. Mother nature definitely outdid herself when she fashioned this beautiful treasure of Philippine nature for all the world to see.

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