Filipino Food Pick: Palitaw

A tasty snack that's doughy with a soft sweetness, Palitaw is a delicious treat made of local Filipino ingredients that you can really sink your teeth into… literally.
The base is made from glutinous rice that is kept soaked for a night and then grounded to create a nice, soft, mildly sweet dough. The name “palitaw” comes from the Filipino word “litaw”, meaning “to surface” or “to manifest”, calling back to the way they float to the surface of boiling water while cooking. Once that’s done, they are sprinkled with coconut meat that is grated and then coated with a sugar and toasted sesame seed mix.
It’s definitely a delicious morsel to enjoy as a dessert or a snack in itself, paired with a tasty drink that can play off of the subtle flavors.

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