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new zealand
Fan-voted Rankings on Beautiful Countries. Blankly staring at the world map that’s hanging above your bed or dealing with overflowing ideas for your next adventure? Rough Rides shares the world’s most beautiful country based on travelers and avid readers of the leading travel publisher. Check ‘em out and perhaps your dream destination (like New Zealand or Iceland and even more!) makes in the list!
sea turtle
Sea Turtle Population Makes Comeback. Despite the many things that are happening across the world, one good news will surely bring a smile to your face. The fact that a lot of animals are facing extinction, an increase in the number of sea turtles proves that despite the many natural changes, man’s conservation efforts are bearing fruit. Though with the decline of other several breeds, this goes to show that every destination should put more effort in helping them from being endangered. Events like clean-up drives or watching hatchlings being sent off to the sea, make for a great way to raise awareness about these wonderful creatures.
Reasons to Continue Your Travels to Mexico. In light of the recent natural calamity that happened, pushing through with your trip to Mexico sounds like a great idea. Museums, landmarks, and other public attractions continue to welcome tourist after undergoing proper checking while some are still being observed and closed. With the tourism industry being one of its primary industry, that much-awaited trip to Mexico makes for a great help in rebuilding its economic state during this hard time.
travel like a local
How to Travel Like a Local in a Foreign Country. When traveling to a new, unfamiliar land, one will usually experience an overwhelming feeling of excitement and, sometimes, fear. But like they also say, “if it excites you and scares you at the same time, then it’s a good thing to try.” National Geographic shares a few tips to achieve a more authentic experience of your destination. And of course, take it from us - never forget to be yourself and enjoy!

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