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packing for a cruise

Must-haves for a Cruise

It’s usually a challenge to pack for a trip. Each adventure is different and will require you bringing particular things for the destination. It can be quite tempting just grab whatever you want to bring but the last thing you want is to run out of space for shopping or worse overpacking thus an overweight luggage. Save yourself from the hassles of packing for a cruise with this easy tips. Grab the necessities for your journey across the seas.
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baguio crafts

Baguio as PH First Creative City

In the chances of being included in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, Baguio is turning up the creativity and folk art in an effort to be drafted during the upcoming evaluation this October. Listed under the ‘Crafts and Folk Arts’ category, the region will become the 5th Southeast Asian. country to appear in the exclusive list if they’re selected.
south korea jeju island

Plot Your ’Ber’ Months Travel Calendar

Though many countries are blessed with a fine climate and can be visited all-year round, there are also those that are best and ideally visited during certain months. The changing of seasons brings about many exciting things to look forward to and now that in some places, fall has slowly started, you can check out highly-recommended destinations during the ‘ber’ months and maybe snag cool deals on airfares too.

Thailand Sports Hall Built Entirely from Bamboo

When Chiangmai Life Architects was commissioned by the Panyaden International School in Thailand to build a sports hall, the company decided to use bamboo, one of the country’s most abundant and eco-friendly materials available. The impressive wooden structure is simulated to survive for the next 50 years. What’s even more impressive is that no synthetic or chemical agents were used to stick everything together, minimizing the carbon footprint the building will leave in the environment.

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