Global News: Philippine Film Gold, Train Cat Cafe, and more!


Philippine Wins Gold Award at Japan Women’s Film Festival

Last September 10, the Philippines received the Golden Owl Award at the 22nd Aichi International Women’s Film Festival, in Nagoya. The film “Pitong Kabang Palay”, directed by Maricel Cabrera-Cariaga, tells the story of the struggle rural family children who dream of finishing school have. The director said that the festival was a great way to put the limelight on female filmmakers, but people around the Philippines are glad that she was able to give the country pride as a globally recognized country.

Cat Cafe on Train Raises Abandoned Cat Awareness

Train rides are fun and relaxing (especially in Japan, there’s no doubting that. And that goes the same for adorable and cuddly cats. Apart from the scenic views while traveling from the vicinity of Gifu, via the Yoro Railway, the journey was made more enjoyable having these little furry friends on board. A certain portion of the train was designed into a makeshift cafe where passengers can enter and play with some of the rescued cats. Apart from aiming to raise awareness on abandoned cats, the proceeds from the one-day event will benefit the cat shelter.

Cheese Tea Trending across China

A fan of cheese? Yes! And crazy about tea? Yup! But have you ever enjoyed both cheese and tea blended together? I guess not, right? Well, this could be something you’ve been waiting for - a cafe in China offers a playful yet perfect pairing of your two favorites! Imagine your regular tea with a sweet and salted whipped cheese on top just, a macchiato look-alike serving except it’s tea AND cheese. Find out where you can actually enjoy a glass of two of this on your next trip to China.

Dubai Makes Floating Replica of Venice

Dubai hopes to increase international appeal by including the ever beautiful Venetian City as part of its seascape. Or at least, a floating replica of it. Plans to construct a miniature Venice that will float a couple of miles off the coast. This mini-island will be fully explorable and include restaurants, underwater spa’s, even gondolas. Expect this island to finish construction by the year 2020.

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