Guest Traveler: Glamping in Aurora

It was my birthday week and I decided to go on a solo trip. My sister and I looked for options and she suggested I try glamping. After some research, we came across one that offers exactly just that and more, Easy Adventure.
Glamping, or glamorous camping, isn’t quite the mainstream travel option in the Philippines yet. Easy Adventure is in Baler, Aurora, one of my favorite getaway destinations. So, I figured why not try something new there!
Considering the hours of travel – six hours to and from Metro Manila, it wouldn’t be practical to spend only a night. And given their 3D2N package inclusions, which I must admit is quite reasonable and interesting, I decided to give it a go. Booked my fare – semi-deluxe seat, roundtrip on Joy Bus. My family and I have traveled to Baler via the same bus before. The availed seats that come with snacks and water are spacious and comfortable, and there are no stops during the travel which makes it even more convenient.
Left Manila at 5 am and reached Baler’s town proper around noon. Easy Adventure’s transfers, a cool vintage Volkswagen van, picked me up at the station! Surprised and excited, I couldn’t wait what else was in store for me. In less than half an hour drive past small town and amidst the familiar serenity of Baler, I finally arrived.
volkswagen van
The fine weather, relaxing scenery, and warm locals instantly made me feel at home. And waiting for me was my very own tent!

glamping tent
glamping tent
wrapped sticky rice with chocolate syrup and freshly-opened coconut juice
I was served with a delightful afternoon snack – wrapped sticky rice with chocolate syrup and freshly-opened coconut juice.
I went around and explored the place and one of my favorites was the hanging cocoon hammock/swing they set up nearby for me. I had the viewing deck all to myself during my first day and without a doubt it offered a perfect view of the horizon.
viewing deck
garden cocoon hammock
viewing deck
fish tartare, brown rice, pork chop, bananas, and veggies
Dinner was a treat – fish tartare, brown rice, pork chop, bananas, and veggies.
I was looking forward to a clear sky filled with stars which luckily, I enjoyed (add in some fireflies too). I had a pretty relaxing night the cold night and ocean breeze.
I met the manager and had the opportunity to get to know more about the place – pet-friendly, power is run by stored energy through wind turbines, and that the vegetables they serve are from their very own organic farm!
wind turbine
Apart from the sumptuous four meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND snack) served during my two-day stay, activities included in package are free-use of dune buggy, stand-up paddle/kayak, and a surfing class.
sticky rice cheese balls
Sticky rice cheese balls
egg and toast and milo
Egg and toast, and chocolate drink
pork adobo with shrimp gambas
Pork adobo with shrimp gambas
dune buggy
One of the staff guided me (and my best friend who followed a day after) during the buggy ride where we drove to Sabang, the prime spot for surfing. It was one of my favorite activities since driving in the province, with the views of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the sierras on the other, is a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the metro.
dune buggy
photo by my best friend
Best to traverse the river nearby, on a stand-up paddle board, during high-tide. Nothing like a serene adventure! It wasn’t surf season yet so instead of surfing, I availed more use of stand-up paddle instead.
stand-up paddle
On my second and last night, I was hoping to see more stars but it was a bit cloudy. But somehow I managed to take a photo of the sky. I’m sure this spot has more breathtaking views to offer on a good season.
sky with stars
The comfort and tranquility of the place is by far the best I’ve ever experience. Whenever I travel, food is a part of my adventure. Day two and still all the meals continue to impress me! And as a certified foodie, the meals they serve won’t disappoint even the most discerning palate. By the way, no one offers unlimited coffee like Easy Adventure does.
One of the most asked question from this trip was “how was the bathroom?” Guaranteed squeaky clean and truly an experience with nature! Let the photos speak for themselves (two thumbs up!)
Time flies when you’re having fun – couldn’t be more true! Day three came and it was time to head back home. My bestfriend and I checked out and promised to come back hopefully sooner than later. If any three-day two-night doesn’t seem enough, then the place and service had to be that awesome. And a first like this surely exceeded my expectation.
Easy Adventure. Charlie's Point, Reserva, Baler Aurora, Philippines
written by Mon Conopio
Mon is a health and fitness enthusiast. Enjoys traveling, hanging out with his siblings and being with nature. Loves to cook, dance, surf and owns two adorable Retrievers.
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