Longest Celebrated Holiday

christmas decoration
The 'ber' months are here and in the Philippine culture, this means many exciting things! Though the official month of Christmas is still a few months away, the holiday medleys filling the air, Christmas lanterns dotting street markets, the irresistible aroma of bibingka and puto bumbong mark the official celebration of the longest celebrated holiday in the Philippines.
Though summer in the archipelago may seem the most favorite season in the Philippines, the months of September to January is undoubtedly the most anticipated, busiest and liveliest. One of the well-known characteristics of Filipinos is having a close-knit family. And in a country where Christianity is predominant, religious traditions are widely practiced in unity. Without a doubt, the holiday season is among the best times for reunions and all sorts of gatherings among families and friends who hail from different corners of the world. Whether it's flying back home before, during, or after Christmas, travels back home are always anticipated by almost everyone.
Food during the holiday season is definitely a highlight. Filipinos love to celebrate, cook, and, of course, eat. Many can't wait to get their hands on the sought-after puto bumbong and bibingka. Even the lovely aroma and warmth the castaƱas, or roasted chestnuts, give off will surely have mouths watering. With so much festivities taking place, one can't help but enjoy the smorgasbord of homemade treats and favorite local dishes of the season.
Talking about generous, the tradition of generosity usually means more shopping and gift-giving. From sprawling bazaars popping across the cities and provinces and Holiday deals at malls, the start of Christmas season also brings a rise to the country's economic status. Expect people in malls and at night markets who enjoy the many delightful treats that the Yuletide season bring.
gift giving
Lastly, bright and colorful lights! Nothing screams 'Happy Holidays!' like the beautiful lights and decorations of the Christmas season. While festive music fills the air (especially in malls), no country lights up at night quite like the Philippines with the many beautiful parols, lovely ornaments, towering Christmas trees, and the dynamic lights that wrap even the Metro's tall buildings. Smorgasbord
When looking forward to spending a different kind of holiday celebration, this archipelago, made of 7,641 islands, promises surprises and memories made to last a lifetime.

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