Mango Beat: 5 Tips for A Quick Travel Escapade

by Rieh Argel
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Taking long vacation leaves from work for an escapade is difficult to come by. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up a well-deserved rest. Take a break from the daily work grind by planning a day or an overnight trip to a nearby destination. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of that quick travel getaway.
Plan your trip wisely. Look for a nearby destination that fits your available time and budget. Set an estimated time for travel, registration, other activities, with a little extra for travel delays and mishaps. On your scheduled travel date, make a commitment to wake up early.
Traveling on a tight schedule can sometimes be exhausting. Make sure to get enough sleep. If possible, take at least eight (8) hours of sleep prior your scheduled departure. Taking a nap while on the road will also definitely help. Sleeping will provide you with more energy to enjoy that quick vacation you wish to enjoy. Bring a travel pillow, an eye mask, or a blanket to keep you comfortable.
Get work out of the way
This is one of the important yet the most neglected things when traveling. To prevent work from ruining your short travel escapade, be sure you have finished all that you need to do. Leave all your work worries and problems behind. Refrain from answering task-related phone calls and messages as much as possible. Also, activate your auto-reply email functionality to inform people that you won’t be able to respond to their email at the moment.
Lighten the load
If you plan to go for a quick trip, chances are you won’t need too many things. That extra pair of shoes, a couple of shirts, skirts, or a hair dryer won’t be necessary. Limit your load only to what is really needed. Packing light will allow you to leave extra room for souvenirs and presents your colleagues and family back home will surely love.
Get the best value for your time and money
Spontaneous traveling doesn’t always work, especially for quick trips. Plan where you are going. Make sure that you have taken care of everything so as not to worry about the security, accommodation, transportation, and other travel details. Aim for getting the service that you want at the best value. Ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. Also, a lot of websites like offer affordable travel packages that you can book to ensure smooth and fun journeys. Embark on a short, yet fun and relaxing vacation. Follow these simple tips and start planning your next getaway — solo or with family and friends.

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