Mango Beat: 5 Travel Emergency Survival Tips

Mango Beat Survival Tips
The future is uncertain. Those words ring true for many things in our lives, from the plans we make to the decisions we choose. Even something as organized and planned as an overseas trip can go awry at certain points, and you might end up having to fend for yourself or use whatever is around you in order to keep going until help arrives. Luckily there are many ways even a traveler can utilize both in his surroundings and head to get through any unexpected events.

Stay Calm

Panic is the first enemy of any inexperienced survivalist. Constant panicking not only becomes a self-imposed obstacle by robbing you of your will to act, but it also wastes energy with the constant worrying. Always, try to keep your head and focus on surviving rather than constantly worrying about potential injuries, dor the hopelessness of the situation.
Check Items on Hand
During situations where cunning and quick thinking are key to survival, always look through the items you have on you. Many different things can have a variety of uses, from a dirty rag (which can be used to grab sharp objects) to a bottle full of water (use it as a magnifying glass aside from keeping hydrated). In emergency situations, every little item can have a purpose.

Tools of the Trade

A pocket knife or a multi-tool can definitely help make survival a whole lot easier. You can use it to pry dry bark from trees for tinder, slice up fish for cooking, defend yourself from threats and cut rope or cloth when necessary. Some multi-tools even have very specific items made for sawing, piercing tough shells, or prying open cans.

Find or Build Shelter

It’s important for survivors to find places by which to protect themselves from both the elements and the dangerous “residents” of nature. A nice cave can provide a good shelter from the rain and winds at night, but always make sure that it is unoccupied and clear of any dangers like snakes or poisonous plants. If no shelter can be found, try to find the sturdiest branches and the largest of leaves you can find. Learn how to make a shelter in the wild by giving google a whirl. Don’t forget to build a fire to keep warm and drive animals away from your location.

Give a Sign

Survival isn’t just about staying alive. Letting people know where you are and that you are alive should be a priority as well. Lay out some stones in an “SOS” formation out in an open area or try to throw some fresh leaves into your fire to make some thick smoke. This will attract the attention of any passing planes or adventurers to your current location and essentially save your life.
While the thought of surviving in the wild can be a little scary, knowing what to do when the occasion arises can help calm you down and increase your chances of keeping alive so that you can be rescued. Always use your head and try to be as prepared as you can be.

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