Popular Desert Activities

When you hear the word ‘desert’, the first thing that often comes to mind is a barren and scorching wasteland, right? Well, you aren’t wrong. A lot of places classified as deserts are often difficult to establish a life in, very open to the harsh sunlight and covered in almost nothing but sand. Even the animals can have a hard time living in such inhospitable climates. But just because something seems desolate, doesn’t mean it's empty and any less beautiful than other of mother nature’s gifts. Here are some amazing desert activities you can try out to convince you to give one a visit.
sand boarding


Sandboarding is the quintessential form of a desert activity a lot of people can enjoy. Sand is basically as soft and as slippery as snow, although the dry property makes it faster to break down beneath you as compared to clumping snow. Whether you’re sitting down or balancing on the board anybody is welcome to try. Don’t be afraid of getting injured either as the sand dunes are usually very soft (but watch out for a faceful of grains, though). Some popular destinations for sand boarding include the Usaka Desert in Peru.
quad biking

Quad biking

The soft, sandy terrain can make the rough and tumble activity of quad biking a smooth and enjoyable experience. While it is a lot tamer compared to mountainside quad biking, the large, snake-like curves of the dunes can make up and down motions a lot of fun. You can try out sandy quad biking over at the Sinai Desert in Egypt.
camel riding

Camel Riding

Camels are well known as a resident of many desert areas. Locals often use them as a beast of burden because of their strength and ability to survive on the desert trails with hardly any water. But heavy items and goods aren’t the only things these creatures will carry as they are also capable of being ridden and raced across the sands in a contest of speed. If you want to give this un sport a try, visit the Thar desert in India.
popular desert activities


You might not believe it, but there are many beautiful things to check out while you stroll across the desert area. Follow the lead of a professional guide who will instruct you on what to wear, how to keep cool in the desert heat, and on which sights are the most interesting to check out. It’s great for people who love a view and who like to take things slow. You can see amazing desert sight by hiking in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, U.S.A.


With such wide, open spaces and soft landing areas all around, hang gliding is definitely an enjoyable experience in the desert. Cool down with the wind in your face as you soar above the sands and people below you. From up on high, you can totally appreciate the empty yet poetic beauty of this warm environment. Try some high flying adventures over at the Nevada Desert in the U.S.A.
So the next time you think there isn’t anything amazing to try out in the barren desert, remember this article and give the sandy regions a try the next time you decide on your vacation destination.

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