Pros and Cons: Renting or Public transportation

public transportation

There are several ways of traveling in and around a place. Buses are more often than not the typical means of public transportation, however, it holds a few disadvantages of its own as well. Discover the mode of transportation that suits your next adventure through the pros and cons pointed out in this list:


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Pros: Save time from the long gaps of picking up and dropping off other travelers on the way. Despite the traffic, you still get to control your travel time by taking alternate routes. Instead of squeezing yourself with other passengers, renting your own vehicle guarantees ease and convenience of space throughout the duration of your journey. Whether your rental includes a personal driver or not, you get to enjoy views at every stop, grab a snack, and take as much bathroom breaks or nap as you need. You can pretty much follow the itinerary as is without having to worry about time.
Cons: Rates can be quite pricey since it usually comes with driver fees. Without a knowledgeable driver, you would have to consider finding your own way (thanks to modern technology, online maps with GPS trackers and internet) or could face various traffic regulations in an unfamiliar place. If you damage the car by accident, you can be charged for vehicle repairs if insurance. There’s also the matter of gas prices that change constantly, since refueling the car will be your personal responsibility while it is under your ownership.

Public Transportation

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Pros: Getting to your destination on a bus is as easy as knowing what their routes are and you're ready to continue your journey without having to worry. Without a doubt, you get to save lots of money because the fare is pretty cheap. Tour buses also have routes that have some of the most tourist-friendly spots and must-see landmarks so your sightseeing journey is pretty much set.
Cons: Buses often get stuck in traffic since public transportation vehicles take the regular or main roads. Taking a bus can also be time-consuming for the busy traveler due to the driver wanting to fill all the seats before hitting the road or while picking up and dropping off passengers throughout the journey. Packed full - it's either standing in crowded buses or squeezed to fit in.
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