Taiwan Travels in the Fall

fall season
October is the perfect time to visit Taiwan, or Formosa, as it is known historically, meaning ‘beautiful island’. While summer is still being enjoyed in the southern part of the country, the cool temperatures in the northern areas are already something to delight in. As the days slowly become cooler in the coming weeks and less rainfall, the much-anticipated leaves begin turning the most beautiful colors of fall. The mesmerizing sight of fall, in whichever country, is among the many exciting wonders the season brings.
fall foliage
Endowed with an abundance of flora, Taiwan's many national parks like the Yangmingshan National Park and Taroko National Park; plantations like the Pinglin Tea Plantation, and conservation areas are the major draws of this season. From trail hikes in forests and mountain climbing along rugged sierras to leisurely visits in farms and city parks, the fall season is indeed an ideal time for everyone to love and fully enjoy the great outdoors.
yangmingshan national park
This small island of verdant green is blessed with substantial natural resources. Among the many riches it holds, its countless hot springs are not only a must-see but definitely worth the experience as well. The volcanic landscape of Yangmingshan National Park, which is about half an hour from the heart of the metro, is a top choice of hot spring area among locals and tourists. The waters of these volcanic hot springs are rich in minerals and chemicals, which offer guests natural healing and rejuvenation. During this season, Taiwan's faces occasional cold fronts, making this activity much more appreciated by visitors especially after a long day of traveling. Nothing beats the therapeutic benefits of nature, right?
Every season has tasty treats to offer. Amongst these are the healthy and delicious fruits that are worth looking forward to during the months of September to October. And given the fine weather, why not head to its many leisure farms that offer fun fruit-picking experience? The harvest season welcomes produces such as grape, mango, pomelo, pear, dragon fruit, sweet persimmon, passion fruit, hibiscus, guava, star fruit, orange, and banana.
fruit picking
fruit basket
grape fruit
Whether it’s a season visit, snagging an affordable travel deal, or heading over to the “beautiful island” to check off your bucket list, Taiwan has a pleasant climate all year round which offers many exciting surprises to every traveler.

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