Travel in Frame: Zip lines

zipline above sea
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Have you ever had the chance to experience the fast-paced action of a moving pulley system suspended on an inclined stainless steel cable securely mounted on a slope? If you haven't, then get ready to be introduced to the fun of ziplining! You'll be suspended several feet up in the air by a series of harnesses, mechanically controlled to move you from point A to B like lightning. There are many forms of zip lines, with some being used as a means of access to far-flung areas while others are simply a popular form of outdoor entertainment and recreation activities.
zipline at treetop adventure
TreeTop Adventure, Subic
zipline at dahilayan
Dahilayan, Cagayan De Oro
Some lines are mounted from high areas, like above a sea of trees, a serene farmland, or even a lake or pool. This gives travelers and tourists the chance to get a new perspective on their surroundings as they slide from one end to another.
zipline in CHAP
Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Bohol

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