Travel Review: Henann Resort, Bohol

by Martin Ita-as

With only an hour and 15-minute flight from Manila separating the Philippine traveler and the airport to Tagbilaran, the Henann Resort located in Bohol is generally easy to get to. But what can you expect during your stay there? We do a quick review to show you some of this resort’s finest.
hennan resort area
hennan resort building and sky

First Impressions

When I first got off the bus to roll my bag into the hotel area, I was definitely impressed by the scale of everything. The lobby area was an open air area complete with drink bar, desk, cushy waiting areas with spacious seats and couches, along with a small souvenir shop hidden to the side.
hennan resort koi pool
Near the waiting area, there was a small pond where you could watch the hypnotizing sight of the koi fishes lazily swimming around. After a bit of exploring post-check in, you could really feel the modern style of the resort while still keeping the natural feel with the beach and surrounding foliage.
hennan resort view

Leisure at its Finest

Once we got to the room, I was loving how simplistic and earthy the tones were. There was a definite vibe while you stood inside that just seemed to say “kick back and relax”. There were 3 different rooms all in all in the space we rented, enough for two adults and three kids to easily call home for the next few days. The bathroom area was almost as big as the main room itself, giving you a sense of freedom while you either shower or changing clothes.
hennan resort poolside bar
One of the things I enjoyed about the resort overall was its large access to multiple pools and even a beach area if you crave something a little more natural. Some of the pools even had a bar situated to the side, so you could enjoy a delicious drink after a relaxing swim. Comfy lounge chairs were also present, allowing visitors to work on their tan too
hennan resort resort view
With both its size and its classy feel, Henann is definitely a great choice of Bohol accommodation, whether you’re traveling alone or with a large group. You’ll definitely feel the stress melt away while you relax among the cooling waters.

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