5 Reasons To Love Fall

fall season
Some continents are blessed with four seasons. September comes to an end and marks the official start of fall or autumn. Though the falling of leaves is also something you can experience in a tropical country like the Philippines, nothing beats actually seeing the wonders of this season unfold. Find out the excitement behind this colorful harvest time:
‘Tis the season for pumpkins galore
This season also means harvest time. Therefore, fall’s most iconic crop, the pumpkin, abundantly graces all markets. The pumpkin, a seasonal favorite, goes into almost anything you can imagine–soup, pie, puree, cupcake, spiced latte. And there’s the jack-o-lantern.
longer nights
Longer nights
In a country where there are four seasons and with the year-end coming closer to the winter equinox, fall brings about a shift from long summer days to longer nights. To some this can be bad news. However, to others, it is one of the exciting changes fall brings. What makes longer nights more fun? The much-anticipated new TV shows and football season in the US.
cooler winds
Cooler winds
While BBQ and pool parties in the backyard, or basking in the sun at the beach excite many, summer’s glories can get a bit too much especially when it brings unusual heat waves. Fall’s refreshingly cool winds at daytime and crisp air at night are indeed welcome. Once again, it’s time to bring out that favorite blanket to keep you snug and warm on the porch.
fall foliage
Fall foliage
If the sight of playful colors of reds, oranges, and browns on the ground doesn’t mesmerize you, then you’re either color blind or just haven’t got into the swing of the season. With a pleasant weather — not too hot nor too cold — this is the perfect time to hit the road for a scenic drive, a good hike, or perhaps a leisurely walk in the park and taking in the views of nature as it changes.
Sweater Season
Who doesn’t love oversized sweaters that are snuggly? Take out your favorite pair of boots, scarves, and sweaters because why not? Autumn is all about comfy clothes (and for some, the much-awaited fall fashion). Speaking of clothes, Halloween costumes are starting to pop up in department stores, further bringing all the excitement of this season.
Every change in season brings about many wonderful things. And with only three months to go before the new year is upon us, the more the excitement grows! Head over to one of your favorite fall destinations with affordable packages and make the most out of this lovely season.

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