Attraction Review: Ermita Hill

ermita hill baler aurora
More than just seemingly an observatory deck that offers a panoramic view of the nearby towns and the sea, Ermita Hill plays a significant role in the history of Baler.
Baler, the capital of Aurora Province in the Central Luzon, faces the vast Pacific Ocean. The town, which was located in Barrio Sabang, was hit by a tsunami which wiped out the entire settlement. Ermita Hill served as a refuge for the few families who managed to survive the calamity. They had managed to swim and climb to the top of the elevated hill, keeping them safe from the raging currents and debris.
sabang beach baler aurora
At present, you can see statues of people, hand in hand, helping each other reach to the top of the hill’s side. It was said that this monument represents the surviving families who helped each other escape this tragedy.
ermita hill baler aurora
Baler holds many historical landmarks along with natural attractions around its territory. This place is a favored destination for outdoor adventures and is also a perfect spot for both for amateur and pro surfers because of its large, curling waves.

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