Bringing Fall Into Your Home

pine cones
The autumn season can significantly transform the world around you. Leaves change into a variety of colors, the fruits and vegetables become visibly larger and ripe, nature matures and pops out all over the place. With so much beauty appearing and changing around you, you feel compelled to take a little part of it into your personal space. Give the vibe of autumn into your house with these fun seasonal suggestions.
Leaf Accents
One of the most recognizable signs of the changing fall season are the seas of colorful leaves all around. While earthy in tone, the sharp contrast of its usual green colors makes them a sight to behold inside and outside the house. Gather a few sturdy ones you can find lying around and decorate! Whether you lay them in a bowl to make a stylish table centerpiece or attack them to a book cover, they’ll definitely put a splash of seasonal tone into your home.
Whether they’re friendly-looking ragdolls or Halloween-themed creeps, the scarecrow is a great way to show off your autumn spirit. They may be more useful in a farm setting but can make for fantastic, customizable decorations. In some cultures and events, scarecrows are even decorated and then burnt to signify the destruction of the old to make way for the new. Put on your best scarecrow fall ensemble and let them work their magic.
scented candles
Autumn Scents (candles)
If you love the scent of the autumn harvest or fall spices, you can make use of candles to really spread the smell across your home. Pick from a variety of scents like citrus wood, pine needle, or cinnamon to get a good natural feel going around your house so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy your arrival home.
fall decorations
Small Harvest Plants
During the autumn season, all kinds of plants, edible or not, start popping up all over the places where many trees and plants are present. These can include acorns and pinecones in forests or gourds like pumpkins in farms. Aside from the typical jack-o-lanterns, you can string leaves and collect pinecones and acorns inside a bottle to make some simple decorations that fit the theme.
Fall Wreaths
A beautiful fall wreath can be a combination of all the other decorations listed above combined with a circular decoration you can hang in front of your door. Paste on some nuts, leaves, a few bird or squirrel toys and even let a scarecrow sitting in the middle of some woven branches and tie it with a beautiful orange ribbon before sticking it on your facade for all to see.
Bring the color and charm of the harvest season straight into your home with these fun decorative suggestions. It will definitely give your home the relaxing feel of this season of change right before the ice and snow start appear.

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