Filipino Food Pick: Queso de Bola

Queso de Bola has been a staple for Filipino families during Noche Buena. The term Quezo de Bola directly translates to “Cheese Ball”. It is a semi-hard, yellow Dutch cheese with a slightly tangy and mild salty taste coated in a bright-red wax.
But have you ever wondered where it came from? Commonly known as Edam Cheese, it originated from Netherlands and is named after Edam, a town in the province of North Holland. It found its way to the Philippines when the Spaniards colonized the Filipinos.
queso de bola
Besides eating it with your holiday ham, there are plenty of recipes that can be made with leftover Queso de Bola. Add flair to your Mac & Cheese using it instead of using cheddar cheese.
mac and cheese
Mac and cheese
Queso de Bola’s piquant notes work great in a variety of foods like pastries such as cheesecake and ensaymada to name a few. You can also make bread made with Edam cheese like macarons. Not to mention, it perfectly pairs with crackers.

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