Global News: Cebu Still Favored PH Destination and more

Cebu Still A Favorite PH Destination
Early this year, the reported threats of terrorism and kidnapping placed the Philippines on the radar as many countries issued travel warnings from traveling to the country. However, the efforts of the government and the continued support of both local and foreign travelers to the tourism industry has kept Cebu’s tourism in the limelight. Apart from the public service in ensuring safety and security, the travel agencies providing affordable Cebu packages and airlines’ unbeatable airfare deals play a big role in bringing in travelers to this favorite Philippines island destination.
virtual reality
Exploring Peru through VR
Technology once again opens another gateway to travel with a Virtual Reality experience through the exotic Peru. This trip gives you a taste on some of the attractions the country is well-known for: its ancient ruins and old cultures. Take a peek at what these wonders have to offer and maybe that will solidify your decision into taking a memorable journey to the country for yourself!
kuala lumpur
Shots With A View
Each of us has our version of relaxation when at the end of the week or when traveling to a new place. It could be a rejuvenating spa amidst nature; a luxurious weekend staycation; a delightful dinner; a satisfying mountain climb for a view of the sea of clouds - The list goes on. How about something casual? Because there’s nothing like enjoying a good drink with friends and a stunning view of the city skylines at rooftop bars. Whether you decide to go out at night after a Kuala Lumpur day tour or capping off the busy week in Singapore with workmates, these highrise bars in Asia is sure to give you a different kind of enjoyment.
grand canyon
A Camping Guide to the Grand Canyon
Apart from pumpkins, sweaters, and new football and TV series, another exciting thing the fall season brings us is camping! The idea of the cool and crisp morning breeze, longer nights, and morning walks in the woods or hikes to the mountains plus enjoying your favorite comfort food outdoors are surely exciting enough to get us planning our camping trip and packing our tents. Don’t forget to look for awesome deals on tours and adventures, complete your camping checklist and equip yourself with many other camping tips for your next amazing vacation with nature.
travel agent
Why Humans are Better than PC’s for Cruise Booking
Machines may have taken over a large chunk of our businesses to fit into the “automatic” nature of our modern living and society, but there are just some things a human touch will always have over cold, calculating steel. From expert recommendations that go outside the box to a much more tailored planning experience, having a human worker help you plan your amazing sailing adventures is sure to feel much friendlier and even enjoyable.

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