Global News: New Camiguin Tourism Ad, Australia Calling, and more!

Launched in time for the 38th Lanzones Festival, the new Camiguin tourism ad sets the bar for travel and tourism promotional videos. With its campaign #FeelCamiguin, viewers are given a glimpse of how a seemingly “boring” destination can offer the best island adventure while in the Philippines. This awe-inspiring video delivers to its audience not only the pretty face of the Island Born of Fire, but also depicts the warmth of its locals and the richness of its culture. With only about a minute into the video. You’ll surely find yourself wanting to book for affordable packages.
air travel
A Look At Air Travel Through The Years
With so many modern facilities and amenities found in today’s modern aircraft, it can be hard to imagine flying without them. But with a series of vintage photographs from as far back as the 20’s, you’ll be shocked and surprised at how simple and cramped luxury flying was like back in the day. Seeing these old pictures will definitely give you a glimpse of how far the air travel of today has progressed and make you want to look into airfares for your own amazing air adventures.

Australia calling!
No passport? Qantas got you covered! It’s as simple as booking a flight to from the US to Australia as the airlines shoulder the fees for your new travel document! Recently the world’s smallest continent, which boasts of globally renowned attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, and amazing cities, ranked as the top destination among Americans based on a nationwide survey according to reports by Lonely Planet. And since only a few Americans own a valid passport, Qantas’s airline-passport promo is a win-win move for both the travelers and airline company.
Top To-do’s in Gangnam, Seoul
Gangnam is the trendiest and fastest developing district within the capital of Seoul in South Korea. While a bit overwhelming at first, travel to this region popularized by Korean singer PSY’s popular song “Gangnam Style” is always an interesting and fun endeavor. It always pays to be one step ahead and know which way to go when it comes to adventures in this delightful Asian destination.

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