Global News: Taiwan Visa-Free Travels, Coron On The Rise, and more

Taiwan’s VISA-free Travels
Good news, Filipino travelers! Another country has opened its gates for Philippine passport holders without the hassle of applying for a tourist entry visa. Taiwan ranks 62nd in the roster of visa-free destinations for Philippine citizens beginning November 1, 2017. The trial period of this new policy, which allows visitors to stay for not more than 14 days without a visa, will run until July 31, 2018. Now’s the perfect time to plan a trip with affordable Taiwan packages and enjoy the fall foliage or the incoming cold winter days of the country.
kayangan lake
Coron is Philippine Travel’s Next Big Thing
Affordable, convenient, and beautiful to boot, Coron is currently being praised as Philippine’s next big thing for travelers and tourists to explore the next time they venture into the tropical archipelago. Found in Northern Palawan, foreign and local tourists just can’t help but enjoy everything the island has to offer. If you’re worried about prices and distance, worry not! It’s only a quick boat ride from the capital of Manila while most of the facilities and products there are some of the most affordable across the Philippines.
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UK’s Fun No-fly Vacations
While visiting the United Kingdom, it isn’t necessary to take another flight for you to explore the fun and exciting destinations across Europe. You can easily take the train to arrive in diverse places like Dublin, Amsterdam, Normandy, Venice, and more! You may need to jump between a few stations, but it’s a lot better than getting trapped at the airport during a busy flight day. Just think of the stopovers as part of your big adventure.
Netherlands: The Basics
There’s more to the Netherlands than its pretty windmills and colorful, vast fields of tulips. From cobblestone streets and canals to fun yet relaxed bike rides and visits to museums (Van Gogh, anybody?), there are many wonderful things to love about this destination. Don’t forget the tasty treats (pastries and fries, of course!) that you surely won’t get enough of and the must-try beers at brown cafes. While you plan to experience the Best of Netherlands, know more about your next adventure through the basics.
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