Mango Beat: 5 Essential Items For Backpackers

Unlike your conventional travels, backpacking is a more independent form of journeying for self-reliant tourists and adventurers. Being vulnerable to the elements, the constant hunt for accommodations and dependence on public transport are just some of the hurdles these knapsack-carrying individuals have to go through. If you’re planning to give the backpacking life a go, be sure to plan ahead and bring some of these essential items.
eye mask
Sleeping Gear
More often than not, backpackers have to work with whatever kind of accommodation is available for the night. It’s essential that you take a few things with you that will help give you the rest you need even when rooming with other backpacking folks. First, bring a one-size-fits-all pillowcase. Bringing your own pillow might take more space than you’d like, so this is the next big thing. Next up are earplugs and/or an eye mask which are super useful in noisy or bright city areas.
Light Sources
There may be places you’ll be traveling or staying in with little or no light sources available; so it’s always handy to pack a portable light source like a flashlight or a compact lantern. You may opt to use the flashlight in your cellphone, but that will just drain your battery even faster. Pick products that are guaranteed to last a really long time even with just a single charge.
water bottle
Reliable Jacket
Backpacker will definitely need a lot of cover to protect themselves from the elements while traveling on foot. That’s where a nice thick jacket definitely comes in handy, rain or shine. When harsh sunlight is beating down on you, use the jacket as a cape to avoid being exposed to too much UV rays on the shoulders and neck. During cold and rainy weather, bundle up and zip that jacket tightly. You’ll be prepared for any kind of weather that comes your way.
water bottle
Water Bottle
One thing that can really put a damper on your adventures is dehydration. Think of the body like a car and water or food as fuel. A car cannot function properly when its fuel is depleted, and neither can you. Bring a sturdy water bottle with you no matter where you go! It’ll keep your water levels from dropping even while sweating and keep you going. In the worst-case scenario, that small bottle of water can save your life.
Form of Entertainment
Whether you’re into reading paperbacks, playing video games or connecting online on the go, you’ll definitely have to find a way to entertain yourself during the waiting portions of your journey (like in crowded bus stops and airports). Bring a thick novel (or a Kindle), a handy tablet, or even a light laptop or portable game player, anything that will distract you from the painfully long waits between journeys. While the backpacking life may seem a little difficult on paper, you’ll eventually get used to it and maybe even find yourself enjoying the journey, sweat and all. It definitely helps to have all the right equipment with you to help make each adventure just a little easier and more bearable so you can come home feeling satisfied and well-traveled.

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