Mango Beat: 5 Tips To Make Mornings Easier On You

by Martin Ita-as
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Mornings have become the bane for the modern human, especially in this age where the charms of the nightlife outweigh the beauty of sunrise and the early morning living our forefathers were so proud of. It may feel like a chore to get up early for travels and morning flights, but we have a few tricks to make the first glow of morning light seem more bearable.
Maintain a Sleeping Schedule
Or at least TRY to maintain one. Your body has an internal clock, and setting a specific waking and sleeping hour can make it easier to get in and out of bed on your own time. If you learn how to get to bed at 9 p.m. and wake up at 8 a.m. on a daily basis, you may find yourself getting sleepier or finding it faster to wake up once those times draw near.
Sit Up After Your Alarm Goes Off
This may take a lot of willpower to enact, but sitting up after reaching out to turn off your alarm is the first step to cementing a good waking habit. To help with this, try putting your cell phone a little farther from your bed than usual. This will force you to get up from the covers to reach for your alarm instead of scrolling through your Instagram lazily in bed.
Wake Up Earlier Than You Want
Once you’ve got the hang of your sleeping schedule a little, try setting your wakeup time 30 minutes earlier. This will allow you an ample amount of time to get up, relax a little, then head out to start your day. When you set your alarm just before you need to start your day, you end up thinking of the morning as a chore or something negative to wake up to.
Prepare for Breakfast the Night Prior
One task non-morning people seem to dislike is the preparation of breakfast. While it’s alright to go out to eat every now and then, prepping breakfast at your own kitchen can be economically practical while also giving your body the activity it needs to start up your sleepy brain. To make morning meal-making go smoother, just lay out all of the ingredients and tools you’ll need to craft your breakfast before heading to bed.
Plan Your Outfits While You’re at it
Why not prepare the bag and clothes you’ll be using for the next day too? By having an outfit and a fully stocked bag at the ready, you shave off some of the time you’ll spend fixing yourself up upon waking. It’ll give you more time to coordinate your overall look based on function and purpose as opposed to just lazily putting on whatever you can find at hand.
Waking up early might seem like a big hassle sometimes, but you can’t deny there are a lot of advantages to experience once you get used to it. Whether it’s making the most of the morning light adventuring, or just getting out of bed to enjoy the soft warmth of the early sunlight, there are a whole lot of reasons for you to sit up and enjoy the sunrise.

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