Seasonal Treats: October

With the harvest season slowly inching its way, you can expect a lot of deliciously ripe and juicy veggies and fruits popping around the markets and stores. This signals food lovers everywhere to check out the seasonal eats and treats. Some of these foods may only be available during this time of year while others have enhanced flavors because of the in-season ingredients. Here are some fall treats you should look forward to!
You can’t have an Autumn without listing the ever-popular vegetable of the month, the pumpkin, first. Known for their roles as the ominous jack-o-lanterns, the insides you scoop out to hollow the decoration can be used to make all kinds of tasty treats. These orange kings of the fall vegetable scene have had a huge spike in popularity, with the introduction of “pumpkin spice” products a couple of years ago.
While not exclusively a fall-only treat, the ripening of the apples during the early days of October give them a fuller and juicier taste. Using fruits that are at their prime gives dishes like apple pies or caramel apples a richer and tastier flavor. Pick a bushel of apples before the colorful leaves start flooding the ground and have yourself a warm slice of flaky pie.
sweet potatoes
Sweet Potato
This ground-based crop is another fall favorite, especially in pie form. While it may not seem like much at first glance, these tubers aren't called 'sweet' for anything. During the season, candied sweet potatoes are a tasty morsel to behold: a delicious mix of the crop combined with brown sugar, marshmallows, syrup and any other sugary items. These are often served around Thanksgiving.
Often overlooked, the tastiness of figs bring something new to the table for Thanksgiving dinners and meals in general. From tasty pies, salads, and a variety of other recipes you can find online, the fig has a such a wide range of uses and a sweet flavor that might make it your new autumn favorite.
While they may hard and bitter when fresh, cranberries are often processed as juice, sauce or dried and sweetened. Cranberry sauce is usually served with cooked Turkey or baked into muffins, the usual tartness is lessened to give these foods a delicious bite to them.
Like apples, pears are a fibrous and juicy fruits that can be eaten as is. But when these healthy treats are prepared as full-fledged dishes, the flavors can be as diverse as the dishes themselves. Try baking pears in a pie or marinating them in cinnamon to give their taste a little more kick. Their mild meat is sure to complement these flavors and enhance them even further.
Google some recipes with these treats that are totally in-season and try out a fun food-making party with your friends or family while enjoying a holiday somewhere or a weekend getaway. You’ll have fun making these dishes and then sharing the taste of autumn together afterward.

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