Spotlight: Grand Palaces of South Korea

Changgyeonggung Palace
South Korea is one of the ultimate dream destinations for most people, especially Filipinos. Being a haven of trends, drama series, and everything fancy, this East Asian nation is bursting with colors in terms of tourism.
If you are one of those travelers who plan to visit soon, get the best of your travel experience with this handy travel guide that takes you to five grand palaces found in Seoul, South Korea's capital city:
The Deoksugung Palace is a mix of both traditional Korean and Western architectures. Unlike the other palaces, Deoksugung is built on flat terrain and not against mountains. Guests can watch the changing of the royal guard ceremony at Daehanmun Gate three times a day.
Gyeonghuigung Palace is very special because King Taejo, the founder of Joseon era, lived there. The palace was originally built for emergency events but later became the major palace which was used by the succeeding kings.
Gyeongbukgung Palace means "Greatly blessed" and was the first of the five grand palaces in Seoul. Gyeongbokgung Palace perfectly shows the elegant culture of royalty during the Joseon era. Geunjeongjeon Hall is the venue of official events and the symbol of royal authority while the Gyeonghoeru Pavillion is for banquets.
The Changdeokgung Palace was built for evacuation during emergencies such as wars and natural disasters. This palace was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.
The Changgyeonggung Palace has a garden that is considered the first Western-style botanical garden ever built in Korea. This palace is connected to Changdeokgung Palace but is an independent structure on its own.
Truly, immersing yourself in what seems like a fusion of traditional and modernity in none other than South Korea is one for the books. Prepare yourself for your most anticipated trip yet and get ready to seize it when you’re there.
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