Travel in frame: Kneeboarding

In a country that’s made up of 7,641 islands, there’s never a day without fun. Whether you’re exploring a vibrant city, enjoying a tasty local feast, or indulging in island life, the Philippines sure knows how to keep its visitors (both local and foreign) entertained.
One of the most popular must-try pastimes while in the Philippines are the water sports. Beachfront hotels and resorts offer a variety of these, and kneeboarding is one of the many exciting activities both active and laid-back travelers will enjoy.
Being closer to the water makes kneeboarding easier and more fun compared to other boat-towed activities like water skiing and wakeboarding. Kneel down on a board (with or without fins) which will be velcro strapped to the thighs in order to secure themselves, while the person holds onto a tow-rope attached to a motorboat. It is important to maintain proper body position - rock your body weight onto your heels as you pull the handle to your body until you’re at a comfortable position. Always remember to listen to your instructor and don’t forget proper communication through signals. You can ask the motorboat driver to start at slow speed for practice.
This and more await you on your next Philippine island experience!

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