Travels in Frame: Tropical Boodle Fights

The white sand beaches, cool blue waters, and rich flora and fauna of the Philippines are worthy of its global recognition. But this archipelago is more than just a pretty backdrop!
With its rich historical background and despite being a melting pot of cultures, this tropical paradise boasts of a signature Philippine feel.
While some come and visit for the stunning natural wonders, others for the food scene! Imagine tall coconut trees thriving, ocean breeze blowing, waves crashing, sun shining while indulging in a tropical feast. Delightfully irresistible, right? No one but Filipinos can pull off the island-style feast popularly known as tropical boodle fight.
It truly is a fight in a sense - you simply grab and eat food from any part of the table to your heart’s desire. No utensils allowed. This traditional dining style began in the Philippine military where troops always eat together, strengthening the sense of brotherhood, camaraderie, and equality. Slow eaters are advised to be quick or else the faster individuals will finish off all the food.
Heaps of food - barbecued seafood, sometimes chicken and pork, vegetables, and other local viands are spread over fresh green banana leaves laid atop long tables and eaten with bare hands, or “kamayan”, as the locals call it.

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