Weekend Getaways, Quality Singapore Food Stalls, and more

Weekend Getaways
A well-deserved relaxation for the weekend could be hanging out with friends while enjoying a movie and pizza at home, or it could be hitting the road outside your city gates. After a week of working long nights and through your lunch breaks, a break is all you need. And that means treating yourself to a well-deserved weekend. If you’re not staying at home, hitting the malls, or trying out a new restaurant in town, then why not take a quick escape to a city elsewhere? From quiet, leisurely strolls in Amsterdam and cultural immersion to beaches, pubs, and party scene, here are some of the best city destinations for a weekend getaway.
Singapore Street Food Stall Gains Michelin Star
Chicken Rice is on Singapore’s list of favorite dishes and also the most inexpensive of Singapore’s Michelin-rated eateries. It all started from Chef Chan Hong Meng's small Singaporean street food stall, Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle. Even with the addition of a new franchise building, this tasty meal still costs only around $4!
Interracial Filipino-Dutch Couple go Viral
They say that “love is blind”, able to ignore things like skin color, race, and other superficial things. That can truly be said about these two lovers, Dutch woman Lisa Verwei and Philippine surfer Roger Casugay, who recently exploded on the internet. Comments, both positive and negative, flooded when a photo of the two was posted online. No matter what people say, however, it’s very clear that these two lovebirds have a deep affection for one another, with Lisa returning to the Philippines to be together with him.
Guide to a Fulfilling Week in Japan
Japan is an amazing destination that many travelers long to visit, but with visits often as short as a few days to a single week, it pays to know what to do and experience before even getting there. For the good traveler, knowing what to do and not to do is half the battle.
Traveling on Thanksgiving
As days slowly march into the holiday season, everyone is getting busy planning their vacations. With the Thanksgiving as one of the busiest holidays around, it’s wise and efficient to plan ahead. Airports getting busier is inevitable, however, getting affordable deals earlier will spare you from the inconvenience and impracticality of pricey airfares and accommodations, and other hassles of the peak season.

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