West (US and Europe) vs. Asia (Southeast)

Choosing your next destination can be quite a challenge. Most of the time, picking which places to go for that next adventure it boils down to either the exotic Southeast Asia or the western charms. We give a list of the reasons that will help with your decision-making:
Asia (Southeast)
  • Cool but humid but for the most part, when in a Southeast Asian country, you get to experience only two distinct seasons - wet and dry or summer and rainy. Given two options make it easier to decide when to go.
  • When exploring the region, you’re sure to get a bang for your buck since most expenses are cheaper (well except for some like Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, etc). As most of these countries rely on tourism for income, an adventure in the southeast is like hitting two birds with one stone - a budget traveler who’s sure to get more than what's planned for, and your money helps these places boost their economy.
  • Though you can enjoy the convenience of taxis, Uber cabs, buses, and trains, a variety of small public utility vehicles like Cambodia and Thailand’s tuk-tuk’s, Philippines’ jeepneys and more offers an easier way of getting to places without having to pay for a lot.
  • English is a second language for some of these places, however it’s still wise having an ideal travel translator app on your phone or a book language barrier can still be a bit of a challenge.
  • Beaches are to die for, undoubtedly. Though the US and some European countries have spectacular beaches as well, most travelers enjoy the cool waters during the hot, humid summer season.
  • Though almost every country has a colorful background, Asian countries that comprise the southeast offers a cultural and historical fusion since most were colonized. If you’re into the oriental wonders like temples, aboriginal cultures, tropical feasts, and exotic herbs or spices, then Southeast Asia is your dream destination.
  • If you’re thinking of exploring Asia, that will usually require several visa applications (per country). However It also depends on the number of countries your passport allows you to visit without applying for a visa.
Western (US and Europe)
  • Blessed with four seasons throughout the year means you look forward to different experiences. Do you wish to see the breathtaking views of the fall foliage or delight in the beauty of the winter wonderland? Either could be a major draw for travelers and these being end-of-the-year travels, are considered to be peak season for most countries thus making holiday trips and some outdoor tours more expensive.
  • If you’re a Philippine-passport holder, traveling to the majority of your neighboring countries won’t be much of a hassle since visiting Thailand, Vietnam and the others don’t require a visa. But of course if you hold a powerful passport which has access to over 100 countries, then that’s great news! Though overall, one of the pro’s of traveling to the US and other European destinations lets you explore various places with convenience of applying a one-time visa.
san francisco
  • It’s no secret that traveling to the west is quite pricey compared to trips to southeast Asia with its weakened currency. Any trip can get relatively budget-friendly or expensive, it’s all up to what you want to experience. If you’re sticking to a certain budget, you can still go backpacking however hostels in the US and Europe are very much different from those in southeast Asia.
  • Europe is famous for having beautiful and elegant destinations, there’s no doubt in that. If you’re the traveler who enjoys museums, indulgent cuisine, and western-styled architecture, then a ticket to the west is just what you want.
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