Where It’s Still Summer

While most of us are excited about the cooler winds and longer nights, some still long for the summer breeze. Worry not because it's still summer in some parts of the world! Here are places where the summer glory is still in full swing:
brisbane australia
As the leaves begin to turn and fall in some parts of the world, others, like the Land Down Under, has just started to enjoy the pleasant weather, colorful blooms, and visits to wineries. The spring months of September to November are an exciting time for the lovers of the outdoors to visit Queensland as the season brings blooming gardens, and opens to a variety of activities like canoeing/kayaking, sailing, surfing, and diving, and adventures with nature like hikes and treks.
las vegas, usa
The October sun in the US is sure to last a little longer even in Nevada and its glamorous Las Vegas is a favorite destination for fans of warmer climates. This state is anything but a barren land, with its multitude of casinos, hotels, and bars that are full of life in the day or at night. The world-renowned continues to sizzle even as the fall season has officially started in the country.
bali, indonesia
Indonesia has a mild tropical climate with two seasons. While it is cooler in other countries during the fall season, the dry and clear climate and occasional rains in Indonesia from September to November is an interesting draw for travelers. The rice fields of Bali with its lush greens is surely something to behold. Take a plunge into new depths and explore the under waters of one of the world’s best diving destinations.
italy, europe
Italy’s food and wine, the southern Greek Islands’ stunning beaches and charming towns, France’s lovely hillsides and chateaus - there’s nothing you wouldn’t love about his continent even with the winds slowly shifting. Being a global favorite among travelers, most European countries are quite busy all year round. However, during October, the seasonal transition, is a great time to indulge in the European experience and its late-summer glory while also indulging in the unhurriedly incoming cool days.
dubai uae
Dubai, UAE
Because why not? While it’s all about keeping warm in other parts of the globe, there are those where heat sizzles throughout the year. So, if you’re still hungover about the hot season, Dubai, with its glorious sand (aptly, desert), sea, sun, and sky, is the perfect summer fix! This global Middle Eastern city boasts of tropical desert climate, which makes it a great go-to for basking in the bearable Dubai sun during the less hot months of April to October. Not into the outdoors, simply enjoy the many exciting-filled attractions and things to do in this modern metropolitan through its many malls and dynamic nightlife scene.
Having to experience only two climates - dry and wet, a visit to the Philippine isles during October is somewhat a surprising treat. It can either be overcast or sunny in the morning and rainy at night, you can’t always tell. But don’t let the fickle weather bring you down as this month has a lot in store for anyone in this tropical paradise. Savor hearty Filipino dishes on a food trip in Tagaytay, surf the waters of the Pacific Ocean in Baler, Aurora, conquer the mighty waters in a heart-pumping river rafting adventure in Cagayan de Oro. But if a storm comes in the way of your visit, a Manila city tour, with its many dining and entertainment options and museums, won’t disappoint.
Wherever you’re headed to for that long overdue summer escapade or just missing the warm sun this fall season, remember that one of the best things about traveling to countries during off-season holiday is the bigger chances of getting affordable travel packages!

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