Attraction Review: Magellan's Cross

One of Cebu’s most famous attractions and a symbol of the spread of Christianity in Philippine shores, the Magellan’s cross is a very sacred relic from the Philippine’s earliest days of discovery. The current incarnation of the Magellan’s cross is a giant dark-wooden cross housed inside a small chapel area where it stands upright in the middle, surrounded by a mural depicting the arrival of Magellan.
It was said that the cross is actually encasing the original cross that was erected by Magellan upon his conversion of the natives and establishing deep relations with the tribe’s leaders. It was said that people would chip off parts of the original cross in order to gain its “blessings”. Other stories say that it’s actually a replica of the cross that mysteriously disappeared many years ago. Whichever story is true, it is definitely a great reminder of this pivotal event in Filipino history that has been talked about even today and even celebrated by the annual Sinulog Festival.

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